Why Choose Krav Maga?

A lot of clubs and organisations offer opportunities for physical exercise, fun and confidence building, but Krav Maga offers all of these incorporated into an accredited self-defence system that equips Krav Maga students with valuable skills for life.

THE BENEFITS OF KRAV MAGA are both physical and mental, they include:

  • Learning valuable practical self-defence skills and developing increased safety-awareness
  • Keeping fit and having fun at the same time in a positive environment
  • Improved physical coordination and balance
  • Safe ways for your child to expend surplus energy
  • Increased confidence and self-control
  • Improved mental focus and concentration
  • Valuable life skills developed – determination, commitment, respect for self and others
  • Expanded friendship circle

The Junior Safe Krav Maga programme offers a grading system to reward our students’ accomplishments as well as giving them the drive keep on track and achieve their next grade.


  • The main principle of Krav Maga is simple: SELF-DEFENCE
  • Krav Maga is NOT a martial art, and has none of the flowing movements that can take years to perfect and master.

Krav Maga is NOT a sport, there are no tournaments, no matches, no point scoring and no referees. It is purely about teaching students effective and practical realistic self-defence techniques to be applied in real world scenarios of extreme threat against their personal safety.

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The use of physical self-defence techniques is considered to be a last resort, if diplomacy fails and escape is not possible. The techniques and principles of Krav Maga have been developed to take advantage of the body’s natural reaction to physical threats.


  • are simple, instinctive and efficient, they always aim to minimize the danger of you being grabbed or struck, especially in vulnerable areas.
  • intend to defend you in the quickest, safest and most effective way. Most techniques include both defensive and offensive elements designed to protect you while ending the conflict quickly so you can escape.
  • don’t rely on strength. Techniques are designed to exploit the many “not so obvious” weak points on the human body.
  • use available objects as defensive weapons. The system is designed to teach you to effectively use improvised and ordinary weapons.

Krav Maga teaches individuals to address unpleasant situations that they may find themselves in and provides students with tried and tested techniques to manage situations safely. Krav Maga gives individuals a greater knowledge of how to neutralise a possible attack before anything happens, and how to avoid dangerous situations.

Fitness and strength are by-products of your training, we do not train to become champions in any one area – rather a very complete and well rounded individual who can walk comfortably and confidently through their day.

Bring your kids along for a free taster session – they’ll love it!

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Krav Maga is the most practical and effective self-defence system available to young people today…

“Amazing self-defence training for children, brilliant for fitness, confidence and friendships. I have noticed a difference in my son’s confidence as well his fitness. I can’t wait until my youngest can start!”

– Dena Hale, parent

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