The format of the class may vary depending on the material covered, but typically the format will be as follows:

1 – Opening the class (2-3 mins)

The instructors will ask the students to form a line and will welcome everyone to the training (sometimes we start with 5 deep breaths for concentration), we then bow and say “KIDA” ( Hebrew for “bow”). This is the only formal etiquette in Krav Maga.

2 – Warm up (10 mins)

Some games involving cardio and stretching along with some bodyweight exercises (depending on the lesson subject for that week). This is a great way to get Juniors warmed up while improving their fitness and make sure they won’t get an injury later on.

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3 – Main Lesson (20 mins)

Main lesson content will vary from lesson to lesson, working on balance, co-ordination, team work and obviously self-defence in which a game format will be mixed with one to one tuition and cooperation.

4 – Final Exercise (10 mins)

This will give the students a chance to put into practice what they have learnt throughout the lesson, using a decision-making scenario that will give JSKM students plenty of exercise, not to mention have a lot of fun.

5 – Closing the Class (2-3 mins)

The same as the start, we’ll line up, sometimes take 5 deep breaths, the instructor will pick the Excell students of the class and will ask us all to bow saying “KIDA“.

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