Junior Safe Krav Maga (JSKM) aims to help the younger generation feel safe and confident enough to protect themselves and others around them. In order to achieve this, JSKM equips children and teenagers with a good understanding of the principles and applications of Krav Maga, as we strongly believe that this offers the most practical and effective self-defence system available to young people today. In this way, JSKM shares its philosophy with its sister company Guardian Personal Safety which provides Krav Maga training for adults across Warwickshire, Gloucestershire and beyond.

JSKM follows a structured syllabus which covers situations and techniques appropriate to the students’ ages, for this reason the activities and teaching methods used in classes are significantly different for younger children (5-12 year olds) and teenagers (12-16 years old).

The main features are outlined as follows…

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For children aged 5-12 years:

  • game-based approach to teaching.
  • age-appropriate striking methods and defences relevant to the age of the assailant/nature of the threat.
  • de-escalation of conflict without resorting to physical confrontation
  • development of listening skills and concentration
  • building physical co-ordination, balance and strength
  • developing and using situational awareness
  • development of teamwork skills and tactical decision-making abilities

For teenagers aged 12-16 years:

  • more advanced Krav Maga techniques, against teenagers and adult attackers
  • how to deal with multiple attackers
  • how to defend/protect a third party
  • learning power drills to increase fitness and cardio
  • dealing with high pressure situations using stress drills
  • basic combat skills
  • use of imitation weapons (such as knives and sticks) to simulate real life scenarios.

For further information contact our lead instructor Russell on: 07545 959 241

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Krav Maga is the most practical and effective self-defence system available to young people today…

“Amazing self-defence training for children, brilliant for fitness, confidence and friendships. I have noticed a difference in my son’s confidence as well his fitness. I can’t wait until my youngest can start!”

– Dena Hale, parent

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