The format of the class may vary depending on the material covered, but typically the format will be as follows:

1 – Opening the class (2-3 mins)

The instructors will ask the students to form a line and will welcome everyone to the training (sometimes we start with 5 deep breaths for concentration), we then bow and say “KIDA” ( Hebrew for “bow”). This is the only formal etiquette in Krav Maga.

2 – Warm up (10 mins)

Some games involving cardio and stretching along with some bodyweight exercises (depending on the lesson subject for that week). This is a great way to get Juniors warmed up while improving their fitness and make sure they won’t get an injury later on.

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3 – Main Lesson (20 mins)

Main lesson content will vary from lesson to lesson, working on balance, co-ordination, team work and obviously self-defence in which a game format will be mixed with one-to-one tuition and cooperation.

4 – Final Exercise (10 mins)

This will give the students a chance to put into practice what they have learnt throughout the lesson, using a decision-making scenario that will give JSKM students plenty of exercise, not to mention have a lot of fun.

5 – Closing the Class (2-3 mins)

The same as the start, we’ll line up, feedback will be given to the class then the instructor will select an outstanding student(s) from the session for individual achievement. The class will be closed with everyone bowing and saying “KIDA“.

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JSKM aims to help the younger generation feel safe and confident enough to protect themselves and others around them…

“All children should be participating in self-defence, not just for the subconscious safety aspect but to keep fit in general. My son loves Krav. Would highly recommend!”

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